Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform

Select the AI That Works Best for Your Business

Our Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform (MIOP) lets you create the automated claims experience that meets your unique needs, and those of your customers.

Using the Mitchell Intelligent Open Platform, you have a turnkey, scalable solution that supports your choice of market-leading AI. This industry-first open system for claims automation offers:
Third-Party AI Integrations
Car Repair
Higher Parts Coverage
Increased Accuracy
Lightbulb (Idea)
Continuous Innovation

Featuring an Open, Flexible & Cloud-Based Framework

MIOP supports a variety of best-in-class artificial intelligence (AI) offerings, including:

The choice is yours! Simply select the AI engine that you’d like to use with Mitchell Intelligent Estimating for an automated, scalable appraisal process.

Mitchell is committed to continuous innovation through standardization of the latest AI solutions on our open, easy-to-integrate platform. These solutions—combined with our 75+ years of industry expertise and editorial content—are designed to help increase customer satisfaction, decrease expenses and lower cycle times.

Connecting You to the Top AI Providers in the Auto Insurance Industry

Looking for an advanced, turnkey solution?

MIOP integrates seamlessly with computer vision technology from these AI industry experts.

Learn More About MIOP

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