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Proper, Safe Vehicle Repairs Delivered More Efficiently

With Mitchell RepairCenter, you can manage repair workflows more efficiently. Our comprehensive and customizable auto body shop software is the perfect fit for your business—no matter how big or small.

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Enhance Repair Workflows With Your Choice of Technologies

To expedite repairs and reduce cycle time, use Mitchell RepairCenter’s integrated technologies—from vehicle check-in to check-out. Featuring your choice of integrated packages or individual modules, our collision repair shop management solution can help you and your technicians complete repairs on time, every time.


Estimating System Imports

  • Automate estimate imports from all major estimating systems.

Estimate Rule Analyzer

  • Ensure estimates are correct and complete with Mitchell RepairCenter Estimate Rules Analyzer.
  • Scan estimates for inaccuracies by comparing them against pre-set criteria.
  • Identify out-of-compliance items that need review automatically before committing the estimate.

Repair Information

Mitchell TechAdvisor OEM Repair Procedures & Dimensions

Mitchell TechAdvisor Parts & Labor Guides

  • Get comprehensive parts and labor information with Mitchell-authored parts and labor guides.

Repair Management

Parts Management

  • Integrate OEConnection Parts Management modules directly into Mitchell RepairCenter.
  • Implement the CollisionLink online parts ordering system for greater efficiency.
  • Access virtually every vehicle make and model inside of Mitchell RepairCenter.

Parts & Labor Scrubbers

  • Manage repairs by reclassifying parts and labor data according to your business needs.
  • Process and complete repairs that are classified differently in estimating systems.

Labor Management & Reporting

  • Increase technician awareness with our standard Labor Management module.
  • Track and assign labor for increased workflow consistency.
  • Print and share work orders with staff and technicians.
  • Place labor by type or operation.

Production Management

  • Optimize work processes with the Mitchell RepairCenter Production Management module.
  • Track repair progress per vehicle in each department.
  • Maximize the number of jobs completed daily.
  • Share production schedules to prioritize jobs.
  • Manage vehicle location and key dates from any mobile device (Attachment & Mobile Capabilities Module required).

Task Management

  • Identify, assess and assign tasks and activities.

Shop Clock

  • Track technician repairs, work orders and hours with the Mitchell RepairCenter Shop Clock Module.
  • Get exact labor time counts for payroll and job costing.
  • Provide instant access to the latest repair reference data and procedures for all technician jobs.

Repair/Work Orders & Documentation

Repair Orders

  • Create virtual job files where critical information is accessible.
  • View and prioritize job overview information, including labor totals, job costs and payments.

Technician Work Orders

  • Help technicians easily track work orders based on their assignments.
  • Print all lines assigned to your technicians.
  • Provide line-by-line detail of labor totals and part descriptions.

Attachments & Mobile Capabilities

  • Expedite repair cycles and boost efficiency by using Mitchell RepairCenter Attachments and Mobile Capabilities to document repair orders.
  • Attach photos, PDFs, text documents, videos, audio files and invoices to any repair order.
  • Upload attachments directly to RepairCenter Jobs from your mobile device.

Scheduling & Vehicle Status

Repair Scheduling

  • View repair scheduling by shop capacity and parts lead time for different vehicle makes and calculate estimated delivery time for each automobile.
  • Use Standard Scheduler for all new repair orders scheduled, based on shop capacity and parts lead time.
  • Manage repair shops running on multiple shifts with Multiple Scheduler.
  • Use Fastlane Scheduler for scheduling small jobs.

Online Repair Status

  • Keep customers updated using text messages and email.
  • Send vehicle progress alerts to primary contacts.
  • Email vehicle owners information on repair status, job progress, expected delivery date and more.
  • Use the auto-trigger option when there is a vehicle department change during the repair.

Analytics & Reporting

Business Analytics

  • Track target profit percentages and make informed decisions with the standard Mitchell RepairCenter Analytics module.
  • Make strategic business decisions based on proven sales, profitability and capacity.
  • Verify daily work hour averages.
  • Identify jobs falling under target profit percentages.

Cycle Time Analytics

  • Increase shop efficiency by reducing downtime and boosting touch time on active repair orders with cycle time reporting and the use of Shop Scheduler.
  • Schedule vehicle drop-off times while accounting for parts lead time and shop capacity.

Cycle Time Reporting

  • Access capacity reports, touch time reports and cycle time reports.

Job Costing

  • Break down job cost data and identify inefficiencies.
  • Improve under-performing areas of your business.
  • Meet target profit percentages.
  • Print summary reports for review with your staff.
  • Organize costs by department and calculate net profits and break-even points.

Mitchell Diagnostics Reporting

  • Integrate reporting from Mitchell Diagnostics Solutions with Mitchell RepairCenter.


Opportunity Management

  • Track, manage and close sales opportunities with Mitchell RepairCenter’s Opportunity Management module. 
  • Document customer contact information. 
  • Identify and follow up on walk-in customers. 
  • Organize information to relay to vehicle owners.

Third-Party Vendor Integration


  • Access leading third-party body shop applications from within Mitchell RepairCenter. 
  • Connect quickly to auto body shop tools, management software and more through our integrated partner network.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement Tool (CSI)

  • Get accurate, impartial customer satisfaction data and customized, dynamic reporting tools. 
  • Improve customer experiences while building customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 
  • View customer survey data and make informed decisions. 
  • Grow your business through stronger customer referrals.

Accounting & Invoicing

Accounting Interfaces

  • Integrate accounting software packages including QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online and BusinessWorks.
  • Get fast, accurate data transfer with our Mitchell RepairCenter Accounting Interface (Standard).

QuickBooks & QuickBooks Online

  • Share and transfer data seamlessly.
  • Create accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payments based on repair order activity.
  • Assign accounting functionality between insurance partners and your customers (QuickBooks Online only).


  • Simplify the transfer of sales, accounts payable and payment information.
  • Eliminate manual data entry.


  • Provide customers with a full account of the work in progress.
  • Offer final customer and insurance carrier bill reports detailing completed repair work and totals due, increasing transparency.